Flexible Storage

Affordable Flexible Storage in Solihull

If you have important exhibition stock you need to store for a temporary period or something longer term, Amber Access Space can help. Located in Solihull in the heart of the West Midlands, Amber Access Space provides convenient, cost-effective and highly flexible solutions for all your exhibition stock storage requirements.

It's not unusual for companies to need to put exhibition stock in storage when it's not actually being exhibited somewhere. If you're in this position, Amber is the perfect storage company to help you. Here are just a few of the reasons why we're the best self-storage company in the Midlands:

We have the right size exhibition stock storage

Amber exhibition stock storage comes in a wide variety of different unit sizes, ranging from the smallest, at 25 square feet (which is approximately the same size as an average garden shed) to 200 square feet (which is large enough to store the entire contents of an average 4-5-bed house). Whatever the dimensions and specific make-up of the exhibition stock you need to store, you can be certain that Amber can take care of it for you with exactly the right unit and exactly the right dimensions to suit your specific storage requirements.

We give you total control and access

With Amber exhibition stock storage, you are guaranteed complete control over your stock. Although it will be locked away in a 100% secure storage unit, you will have complete unlimited access to your stock, able to return to your lock-up when you need to in order to retrieve stock or add to it, at any time during opening hours.

We are completely flexible

At Amber, we know you need space because the chances are the space you used to have is no longer available, or maybe you've just taken possession of a lot more stock and suddenly you have nowhere else to store it. Either way, we know that you're seeking new self-storage space because things (at least space-wise) are getting a little out of hand. We understand therefore, that what you need is someone who's not only going to give you what you need, but someone who is going to be able to accommodate your requirements as and when they change, which they could do at any moment. We know how it is when circumstances change and logistics need to change along with them. This is why we pride ourselves on being 100% flexible and open to your ever-changing needs.

It is not our desire to tie you to a contract or force you to hire more space than you need. On the contrary, we want you to be so happy with our service so that you can recommend us to your friends and business connections. So, when things change, when you need more or less space for a longer or shorter time than previously agreed, we understand, and it's not a problem. Whatever you need, we’ll work with you to deliver the best solution.

With Amber's exhibition stock storage service, you can be absolutely sure that all of your exhibition stock is safe and secure in a clean, dry and completely protected and insured storage unit. Whatever you need us to store, call today for a free, no-obligation quote on 0121 711 1010!