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Affordable Home and Business Storage in Solihull

Based in Solihull in the West Midlands, Amber Access Space offer conveniently located, affordable storage units of all sizes for all your home and business storage requirements.

In recent years, Birmingham and the Midlands in general has undergone a period of rather drastic redevelopment in which many more people have moved to the region, creating a remarkable cultural and economic resurgence. In just about every conceivable way, this is great news for the Midlands. However, it also means that there is now a premium on space like never before.

Not only have property prices increased, but also storage space has become a precious commodity, which means that lots of companies have attempted to take advantage of the demand by charging high prices. Amber Access Space is not like most storage companies. On the contrary, we actually pride ourselves on providing flexible and convenient home and business storage solutions at prices you can easily afford.

For as little as £25 a month — with discounts available on long-term rentals — you can afford to declutter your office or your home, clearing out spare rooms so that they can be used for something new or just creating some space to breathe again. Storing all your excess or temporarily unneeded belongings in a secure and convenient environment can make an enormous difference to your home or business life, especially when going through periods of expansion or change, when extra space is absolutely essential and it can sometimes feel like your stuff is suffocating you. Amber can free you up without breaking the bank, allowing you all the space you need to get on with any new projects that you've been itching to get started with.

Aside from the great prices available, other advantages to using Amber Access Space home and business storage facilities include:


At Amber, we understand that the reason you need space is probably because things are getting on top of you, and when things are getting on top of you, you want a storage company who are going to make your life easier. We have no interest in tying you into a contract against your wishes or forcing you to hire a space which is larger than you actually require. We know that things change too, so whenever your circumstances change and you need either a larger or smaller self-storage space or you need a longer or shorter rental period, we will be more than happy to accommodate your changing situation. And we won't penalise you for it.

We have a wide range of home and business storage units, from small (10 square feet) to very large (200 square feet). Whatever you need to store, we can help you.

Control & Access

With Amber home and business storage, you're in control. You have sole access to your belongings and you can visit your unit or units whenever you need to, within opening hours. Access is completely unlimited and there is no extra charge, no matter how often you come and go.

Call Amber Access Space today to see how we can help you with all your home and business storage requirements. One of our friendly team will be happy to give you a free, no-obligation quote. Call us now on 0121 711 1010!