Student Storage

Affordable Student Storage in Solihull

Higher education in the Midlands has really taken off in the past decade and the city of Birmingham itself now has a total of five universities, meaning there are more than 65,000 students living in and around the UK's second city. That's a lot of students, and we know that a great many of you often need help with storage. Amber Access Space offers some of the UK's safest, easiest and most affordable student self-storage solutions, taking the stress out of moving in and out of student accommodation, making it convenient and totally painless. Whether you need to store your stuff over the summer, or maybe while you take time out to study abroad for a few months, or just if you need to cover a little time between different properties, Amber can provide exactly the right storage at exactly the right price.

Taking advantage of Amber Access Space student storage comes with a whole host of benefits, including the following:


We understand that life as a student can sometimes be precarious and unpredictable and sometimes circumstances change. This is why at Amber Access Space we are completely flexible and happy to change our arrangements to suit your situation. If you think, for example, that you only need to store your stuff for a couple of months, maybe over the summer break, but then things change and you decide to postpone your studies for a while, we're happy to accommodate your new requirements. Also, if you decide you only need to use our facilities for a much shorter period than anticipated, we'll be equally happy to oblige.

We're also as flexible as you need us to be when it comes to unit size. If you start out needing something larger but then realise you take some of your stuff away and only require a much smaller unit, that's fine by us. We don't want you to be paying for space you're not using. Similarly, if you need more space, we can arrange that for you too.

Our prices are pretty flexible too, and if you require long-term self-storage because maybe you're spending a year abroad on an Erasmus programme, then you should speak to us about our long-term discount.

Complete Control & Unlimited Access

With Amber student storage, you have complete control over and unlimited access to your property. You're given the key to your storage unit and therefore you're the only person who can access it. This means your belongings are totally secure and 100% safe from any third-party access. You control the space and everything that's in it. Also, you can come and go whenever you like, so if something comes up and you need to access your storage unit at short notice or even in an emergency, you're able to do so, and at no extra charge. With Amber student self-storage, you pay one fixed monthly sum and you're free to come and go and access your unit whenever you need to.

With a variety of unit sizes available and a team of friendly staff on hand with advice and guidance, as well as any packing materials you may need, Amber Access Space has everything you need to take care of your student storage requirements. Give us a call today for a free, no-obligation quote. Call us now on 0121 711 1010!